About Me

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Hi, I’m Xavier Rosée. Up to 2020 I was a Mobile Marketing Professional with a strong focus in branding and strategy. Over the course of my career at companies like Microsoft, Gameloft, Substantial Games, Fifth Journey and my own boutique consultancy, I’ve witnessed the evolution of marketing into a two-pronged role: you’re either a data-literate creative individual, or a strong analyst with an eye for creative work.

After a couple of years learning Data Analysis and Python by myself to craft a Product Design offering for my consultancy, my business and livelihood were hit by COVID-19. Taking this opportunity to reflect on the industry, the marketing role and my future, I’ve decided to pivot my career toward a data-first Product role.

This space covers Data Science and Data Analytics along with their use among the mobile and gaming spaces. I will share the things I find useful in my journey to Data Science, hoping that it can help someone with their own explorations.

For those interested in launching their Data Science career, I’ve outlined the steps I’m taking to fast-track my pivot to Data Science in my first post.

Thanks for reading!